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Our history

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After several years in the VAT departments of Fidal and then KPMG Avocats, during which we acquired solid experience in VAT and indirect taxes, we decided to create a firm exclusively dedicated to the practice of VAT.

The creation of Cyplom Avocats SAS was born from an observation: the international evolution of VAT proves that technology is becoming a central element in the management of this tax.

It is time to integrate technology into the heart of tax law firms that practice VAT.


Our history

Development of the VAT Checker Pro
Development of the tool dedicated to platform reporting requirements
Legal creation of Cyplom Avocat SAS
Extension of the 242 bis tool to DAC 7
Full launch of Cyplom Avocats SAS
Development of the Checker Pro tool

Our team

Gregoire Person
Associate lawyer - Co-founder

Grégoire puts his passion for technology at the service of his customers. He supervises the creation of SaaS solutions that are offered by Cyplom Avocats.

Grégoire has assisted his clients in taking into account several major reforms: he has assisted several companies in the e-commerce sector in the reform of the one-stop shop or the declaration requirements of platforms (242 bis) but also the DAC 7 reform.

He also assisted several French players in structuring their TVA group.

He has also been very involved in the reform of electronic invoicing by participating in several working groups involving practitioners and institutions.

Grégoire has assisted several clients with requests for rulings on complex VAT issues.

Experience: Fidal (2017-2019), KPMG Avocats (2019-2023)

Thomas Le Boucher
Associate lawyer - Co-founder

Thomas supports major French and international players in managing their VAT issues.

In particular, he has assisted French and British players in managing their import and export issues following Brexit, which has allowed him to develop cross-expertise in customs and VAT matters.

He has also supported several companies in the development of their international business. He also developed particular expertise in the retail and luxury sector during a secondment of several months with a major French luxury operator.

Thomas has also assisted several of his clients in discussions with the tax authorities, either in the context of complex regularization procedures or tax audits.

Experience: Fidal (2018-2019), KPMG Avocats (2019-2023)

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