Our promise: to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Our values guide us to turn every VAT issue into a victory for you.

Position statement

We strongly believe in the importance of Take a stand on the problems of our customers: we assess both the occurrence of a tax audit and the amount of risks borne by your company.


We provide pragmatic results that allow teams to use them in the company's operational activity: decision trees, automated decision-making tools, graphical summaries of our conclusions,...

Partner of our customers

We are committed to understanding the operational issues related to your problem. We take part in the decision-making stages by popularizing our study with decision makers in your company.

Your success is our priority.


We fully embrace technology and automation: it's in our DNA.

We use the latest and most innovative tools to improve the quality of our service. We also develop tools to respond to the problems of our customers.

Rendering quality

We adapt our renderings to the needs of our customers: text consultation is outdated when it must be used by operational teams.

We strive to integrate modernity and graphic elements into our renderings to allow everyone to understand the elements presented.


We are committed to being available for you when you need us.

Our team is always ready to help, answer questions, and provide expert advice.

Structuring our assistance

Our assistance

Our assistance is structured in such a way that you are never lost: our deadlines are known and the points are regular so that you feel accompanied.

Presentation conference call

Sending a commercial proposal

Receiving your agreement

Signature of a fee agreement

Collection of documents

Regular contact with our customers

Presentation of our work

Restitution conference call

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