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How to prepare for the reform of electronic invoicing?

Anticipation is key.

Exemption thumb

The reform of electronic invoicing was initially supposed to come into force as of 1 July 2024. It was postponed indefinitely by the tax authorities, which should provide details about its date of entry into force in the finance law for 2024.

The reform can be expected to take effect in 2026. It is useful to prepare for it now!

The reform of electronic invoicing, known as e-invoicing, concerns all transactions involving the purchase and sale of goods as well as the provision of services by companies subject to VAT in France.

Invoices issued between French taxable persons can no longer be sent by email or post. Invoices and transaction data will be processed or by private operators (Partner Dematerialization Platform (PDP)) or through the Public Invoicing Portal (PPF).

Broadly speaking, the purpose of the platforms or the portal will be to transfer the invoices to the recipient's platform (this is called the Y diagram). In all cases, the Public Invoicing Portal will be responsible for transmitting this data to the Tax Administration.

My emission and reception obligations

The reform of electronic invoicing will make it possible to automate the management of customer and supplier invoices. It should limit the cost of processing invoices and ensure more accurate management of VAT rules.

Who are my customers?


Companies subject to VAT and established in France must issue invoices in specific formats (UBL, CII & Factur-X) if they act for the benefit of taxable professionals also established in France (transactions between French companies - B2B).

What are my costs?


For other transactions, companies must also transmit the data of the transactions carried out (invoice or turnover data), in a structured format.

What are my salaries?

Payment e-reporting

Companies must declare the date of payment for certain transactions (mainly services and probably also deposits on supplies of goods).

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Our electronic invoicing support

With our partners, we offer tailor-made assistance to our customers in order to best prepare them for the reform of electronic invoicing according to their size, field of activity and their IT environment.


Tax diagnosis

Review of statements on the invoice, recommendations and proposed corrections

ERP configuration proposal

Support to prepare and guarantee the reliability of extractions.


Tax mapping

Extraction of tax codes

Identification of the various flows carried out by the Company

Determination of the obligations inherent to each flow (e-invoicing, e-reporting, life cycle and payment data). ‍


Master Data Audit

Review of the rules for creating Master Data (information collected, method of collection and verification, etc.)

Master data audit

Recommendations and proposed corrections.

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